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J.W. Cotton Co. provides:
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Title V Septic System Service which includes:

Percolation Tests = "Perc Test"

Design Service for new systems and system repairs, based on results of percolation testing.

Full installation service for new systems and system repairs. Bring us your septic system plan, we will be happy to provide a quotation to do the work.

Questions about your septic system? Here are a couple of documents that can help you get the most from your septic system. The first is a Septic System FAQ we've put together and the second is a Septic System Do's and Don'ts provided by the Foothills Health District.

We specialize on installation of raised bed pumped systems.

Can't find your septic tank or "D" Box ?

Call us - our electronic detection equipment will locate your missing septic system. Use of this equipment minimizes excavation of your yard while attempting to locate the septic system. This equipment is also useful for locating underground sewer and drain pipes.


Conventional stone and pipe leaching field under construction - for raised bed pumped septic system. Leaching Field
Leach Field under construction using Infiltrator Systems - Infiltrator chambers. These systems are designed to be set in fill. This is a gravity system.
(Note: Yellow unit in foreground is a construction laser. Laser technology is used to set septic system components to the proper elevations during construction.) Infiltrator
Finished product: After excavation work is completed, area is finish graded, then hydro-seeded. The blue green appearance is a soil stabilizer. This helps prevent erosion while new grass is starting to grow. Finished Product